Admission open for  10+1,10+2 (Arts,Science) BA, BCOM ,BBA ,BCA, PGDCA in Girls College Kotla Khurd Una.


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Welcome to Lala Jagat Narain Himotkarsh Kanya Mahavidyalya

HIMOTKARSH meaning, HIMOT means “ HIMACHAL PRADESH ” the name of the state where HIMOTKARSH and KARSH means “ GROWTH = Growth of Himachal Pradesh “.

Lala Jagat Narain Himotkarsh Kanya Mahavidyalya ( Girls College ) is located in rural area of Una Distt. (H.P), Govt of Himachal Pradesh provided 27 Kanals land on 99 year lease basis on which the college building has been constructed between 2001 and till date. The buildings have been raised and other infrastructure and campus developed with the donations received from individual donors and public representatives i.e. MLA/MPS lad funds and district administration. As has been listed above, one of the major donors is Late Sh.D.N.Choudhary Director General .Income Tax retired who donated 32.25 Lakh in loving memory of his wife Late Smt.Sanyukta Choudhry. Lala Jagat Narain Shanti Devi Charitable Trust Jalandhar also contributed Rs.18.61 Lakhs in the Sacred memory of Late Lala Jagat Narain ji.

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Lala Jagat Narain Himotkarsh Kanya Maha- vidyalya (Girls College) Shiksha Samiti (Regd) VPO Kotla Khurd Tehsil & Distt Una in Himachal State of India was established in 1998.

Mr. Kanwar Hari Singh

Life Time Chairman

For Admission regarding  queries  contact :94184-64962