Admission Rules


Before submitting the application form to the Admission Committee Please ask check whether you have attached the following documents with the form in the following order:


1. Students Record Card

2. PTA Inland Letter Card & House Examination Card with address of Parents/Guardians with proper postage stamp of Rs. 5 .

3. Attested Certificate in Support of your Educational Qualification.

4. Character Certificate ( Original )

5. Bonafide Himachali Certificate

6. SC/ST/OBC etc. Certificates.

7. Declaration by the student (if any) Arrange your application form in above mentioned order and be sure about following points:

Students and their Parents/Guardian must have read and understood all instruction and conditions given in the prospectus carefully.Photographs must neatly affixed with gum only at appropriate places.Students and their Parents/ Guardians must have signed with date at relevant places.Photocopy of Aadhar Card.Name of Bank & A/c No. with IFSC Code.


In addition to what has been stipulated earlier general rules in following matters are given as under:

Admission ProcedureMode of PaymentsHouse ExaminationLeave RulesLibrary Rules