Eligibility For Admission To Class + 2

Admission to +2 class Senior Secondary course to this institution shall be open to a candidate who has passed,

i) 10 + 1 Examination from H.P.B.S.E

ii) Any other examination recognized by the H.P. Board of School Education H.P. equivalent to +1 of H.P. B.S.E. provided that the candidate has qualified in English as on of the subjects and has obtained required percentage of marks in matriculation examination ..

iii) A candidate who fails in +2 examination of H.P. Board of School Education may seek admission to class +2 . A candidate who fails twice in class +2 will not be admitted to that class. The subjects offered in 10+1 will not be changed in +2 class. A request for change of subject (s) in class 10+2 may however, be accepted by the Chairman H.P. Board of School Education on the recommendation of the Head of the Institution in special cases, such as transfer of parents or guardian or physical disabilities of the candidate to pursue the subject(s) already offered or for any other adequate reason.

Documents Required:

Two copies of the certificate/mark sheet of last examination passed.Character certificate from the head of the institution last attended (Only for new students)Migration Certificate (only for new students) who have passed their lower examination other than HPBSE/H.P. University/ any other institutionThree copies of passport size photographs and one copy of stamp size photograph.Date of Birth Certificates ( for all students)Late admission with fine be done as per Board rules depending upon the availability of seats.RL cases of this college may take provisional admission.Provisional admission to +1 and +2 classes will start from 1st April to those who have appeared in the examination of the lower class and regular study will start from 24th April.Copy of Aadhar CardName of the bank and account no with IFSC code.

Eligibility For M.A. Classes

Eligibility Rules for admission in M.A. Classes: Candidate seeking admission in M.A. Economics , M.A. History, M.A. Hindi, M.A. English and M.A. Pol. Science should have passed B.A. Examination with 45% marks in Concerned subject or 50% marks in aggregateCOLLEGE RULES1. The decision of the principal will be final in the matter of admission and he has the power to reuse or terminate any admission without assigning any reason or also on disciplinary grounds.2. The principal has the power to control the inside and outside activities of the students of the college.3. He has the power to terminate the students indulging in bad habits. Suitable disciplinary and legal action will be taken by the principal.4. Any student of the college will not be allowed to damage the property of the college. Strict action will be taken against her.5. It is necessary for every student should follow the rules and regulations of the college. If not followed, strict action will be taken by the principal.6. At the time of admission every student should follow the rules and regulations of the college. If not followed, strict action will be taken by the Principal.7. If any student found absent without leave, their name sill be struck off by the principal after two times warning.8. The date of admission forms of annual examination of H.P. University will be displayed on the notice board. If they will late, they themselves will be responsible.9. Ragging not allowed: ragging in and out of the College Campus / Hostel or roads/ approaches leading here to is Strictly prohibited. If any student is found indulging in ragging directly or indirectly the college authorities shall be obliged under rule 22, 17 (a) (c) (d) of the H.P. University ordinance to expel the guilty student from the college / Hostel “ Ragging includes any type of physical or mental torture inflicted by any individual or group. Either by words or in conduct, which creates an apprehension in conduct , which creates an apprehension in the mind of a person that she cannot pursue her studies free from any mental disturbance or torture created there by any person who aids or abets such an action shall be guilty of such ragging.”All students who have been admitted to the college/ hostel shall be deemed to have given the following undertakingI have gone through the rules and regulations regarding ragging and discipline of the University / College / Institution and I hereby solemnly affirm that I will not indulge in any act of ragging / indiscipline and if I am found guilty of such offences as are covered under these rules, I will have no claim against the order of rustication / expulsion from the college / hostel. Vide UGC letter no. 8-8-1/97 (C.P.P. – II) dated 7-7-2001 for the implementation of the supreme court guidelines regarding curing the ragging in educational institutions.Following Activities will be treated as breach of discipline:1. Any Disruptive Activities Or Use Of Force.2. Writing Obscenities On Walls, Desks And Blackboards.3. Making Noise Or Raising Slogans That Disturb Teaching In The Campus .4. Damage Of Windows, Door And Furniture Of The College.5. Plucking Flowers And Damaging The Plants In College Campus.6. Bringing Outsiders In The College Campus.7. Tempering With Electrical Fittings, Fans Etc.8. Misbehaviour With Anyone.9. Use Of Cell Phones In The Class Rooms, Library And In The Campus.10. Wandering In College Campus Without Reason.11. The Teaching Staff Is Vested With All The Rights To Punish Ore Recommend For Punishment.12. Without The Permission Of Principal No Student Will Be Allowed To Put Up Any Notice Or Poster.13. Students With 75% Attendance Will Be Eligible For Annual Examination